High Top Chair Set w/ Connecting Tete a Tete Table


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As with all of our products, this set of 2 High Top Chairs and connecting Tete a Tete table is constructed from an incredibly high quality impenetrable, UV resistant,  durable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lumber. It’s also made from 95% recycled material- constructed in the USA- both corrosion free & chemical-resistant, without splintering, cracking or warping like wood with the added bonus of negligible water absorption and no pest infiltration.

Kitty Hawk Chairs uses only 316 marine quality stainless steel fasteners, as well, for superior rust and corrosion resistance.

Check out the variety of color options. You can choose from the wood-look texture of wood grain embossed colors or the standard finish. You can also opt for color combinations to match any home decor, landscape or team/school allegiance.  LuxeWood has the same appearance inside and outside-  maintaining color and finish through to the product core.

If you’re interested in specific color combos, just send us a message. We’d be happy to create a mock up so you can get a more accurate idea of how it will look in your outdoor space. We do not charge extra for color combos.

Please understand that color samples on this website are computer generated to reflect true product color as accurately as possible. Due to variation among computer screen color calibration, product colors may not appear consistent across all screens. Refunds and replacements will not be issued on a color basis.

Kitty Hawk Chairs offers gound-level delivery for addresses within Dare County and Currituck County. Orders placed outside of Dare County and Currituck County are available for pick up at the Kitty Hawk Chairs warehouse in Powells Point, NC.